WFTS Tampa Bay – Lawmaker pledges to sponsor new privacy law after I-Team investigation

“If a marketing firm is buying the information then you obviously know they’re using the information for marketing, which is not the purpose of the Sunshine Law,” said Rep. Beltran. “Next session, I’m definitely going to be passing some sort of bill on privacy. The purpose of these laws is not to allow some commercial entity to send you marketing literature.”

Osprey Observer – Winthrop Arts Mobile Art Factory Unveils Public Art Piece At Wimauma Elementary School

The unveiling was well attended with members of the Winthrop Arts Board of Visionaries in attendance as well as representatives from Florida State House of Representatives, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners and the Hillsborough County Superintendent’s Office. Specifically, those in attendance included Cassidy Whitaker on behalf of Representative Adam Hattersley (District 59), Jeffrey Hawes on behalf of Representative Mike Beltran (District 57), Megan Nixon on behalf of County Commissioner Stacy White (District 4) and Mary Beth Brooks on behalf of Superintendent, Jeff Eakins’ office.

Tampa Bay Times – Who are the six Republican Florida lawmakers who voted against the bill allowing teachers to be armed?

[In response to the guardian bill] Beltran said his vote was the result of several months’ worth of research as well as “overwhelming opposition” from his constituents.
“I feel that firearms in our schools belong in the hands of trained law enforcement professionals. I am prepared to allocate the resources necessary to protect each school,” he wrote in a statement. “Community sentiment strongly aligned with my own analysis and so the answer was clear.”

WFTS Tampa Bay – State Senator calls on FDOT to explain thousands of added project days

“Traffic delays caused by congestion and construction are unacceptable. These problems are particularly severe in my district in Southeast Hillsborough County. I expect the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to ensure that projects are completed timely and at a fair value to taxpayers. I believe that FDOT should reexamine the practice of providing long extensions due to foreseeable variations in weather or temperature. I will be following up with FDOT in the future to find ways that the legislature may be able to offer its assistance in expediting road projects, so that my constituents, as well as the citizens of the rest of our state, are not greatly inconvenienced by delays.”

WFTS Tampa Bay – State lawmaker calling for changes to assisted living facilities following I-Team investigation

“That’s a pretty severe discipline if you have a moratorium on accepting new patients. They should be required to notify the families. And then the families can decide whether it’s worthwhile to move their loved one.” Rep. Beltran says he plans to push to close the gap in state law. “We can’t be having these facilities, a lot of which receive government funding, not providing adequate care.”